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Our technology gives you a unified view of your data from all the separate systems you need to use, without any installation or capital expenditure. Pragmatic machine learning applications make it very easy to use for analysis, collaboration, decision and evaluation. Specialised visual tools, mobile data entry forms, integration with Excel and PowerPoint and a unique virtual assistant. Advanced forecasting models are designed to learn from the data you have and work together with your team. So you can benefit from both machine rigour and human insight.

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Fruit Logistica

Do you work in fruit & veg?

You probably agree that forecasting is one of the biggest challenges in the sector. We can help.


Upgrade to the Speed of Cloud

Your data grows exponentially faster than your business, your data tools should evolve as well.

As your business scales, the amount of data you generate scales exponentially. Can a cloud service really be faster than analysing data on a computer at your desk? Watch as we demonstrate the power of cloud services to answer a frequent businesses question: How are sales?

We work constantly to build and improve the technologies that deliver this kind of speed – indexing, caching, predictive loading, efficiency optimisations and in-memory processing. So next time you have to wait for a large pivot table to refresh, give us a call.


Hire a Virtual Analyst

Sometimes it's easier to just ask someone.

Meet Saga, your new virtual colleague. Saga processes email attachments, chases deadlines, sends useful reports and alerts, and even responds to requests. When was the last time you got a precise and complete answer in 10 seconds? Watch an example here.


Extract Gold from your Data with Forecasting

Advanced deep learning solutions designed to work together with your team

Many software tools claim to have built-in forecasting models. But these tend to apply a handful of pre-set models, like the auto-regression example below. You can see how wide the confidence interval is in this example.

Forecasting Example Graph
Fresh4cast's Live Forecasting Tool

Fresh4cast develops cutting-edge forecasting algorithms based on the data you have. These are integrated in your bespoke cloud application. And as your data evolves, our team keeps upgrading the architecture of your learning model in order to make the most of the information. Unlike static models, the Fresh4cast predictors are designed for human interaction. So your users can change assumptions like planting dates, variety, treatments, weather data and see the impact in your yield curve. On the sales side, you can change pricing, availability, promotions and see the impact across your product portfolio. All of this without going through a long installation process or expensive investment. Simply subscribe for a season and see if it creates value for your company.

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