Get rid of supply chain shocks

Do you work with perishable goods? Time to upgrade your planning and forecasting.

Fruit & veg supply chain
Data pipelines

Minimise fresh inventory

Avoid expirations and quality issues while respecting your SLAs. Reduce risk exposure at all key points along your supply chain. Stay on top of the latest information from your suppliers and customers, keep track of potential shortages and overstocks in order to minimise business impact.

Forecast models

Maximise sales opportunity

Make the most of your customers' demand. Anticipate fluctuations and optimise your stock in advance. Use your promotional and advertising budget to align orders with surges in availability. When supply is short, use your smaller sizes to maximise market penetration and margin.

Planning tool

Optimise procurement

Maintain great relationships with your suppliers and maximise your gross margin at the same time. Update your order plans with the latest information. Get team members notified automatically of key changes. Need Excel or CSV templates updated on the fly? Done.

If you work in perishables, it's worth having a chat. Ask us about... how we helped a customer reduce their forecast error by 10,000 boxes a day. Or how we assist customers extend their planning horizons, shorten the update cycle and improve predictability.

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Fresh4cast is a company founded by three Sloan Fellows at London Business School in 2013. Our mission is to improve environmental and financial sustainability in the fruit & veg sector.

Time is the most precious thing in the world

That's why Fresh4cast brings together all the relevant data streams, internal and external, into an innovative and simple user interface. It’s why we develop prediction models and planning tools designed around your business-critical processes. And that's why these tools work at exceptional speed, allowing our customers to do in seconds what used to take minutes. Empowering decisions that result in measurable reduction in supply chain shocks. Last but not least, out of respect for your time we always strive to offer exceptional customer support.


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Mihai Ciobanu - CEO,