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Integrated data

Your decisions require data from multiple sources. We make this easy for you by integrating data from your ERP, data warehouses, Excel files, as well as external data like trade statistics and weather. The output is easily integrated back into your ERP or BI solution of your choice. Or you can also use our own specialised BI tools.


Virtual employee

Our virtual analyst Saga will strengthen your team without adding headcount. Saga can send you email reports in seconds, send alerts to relevant users, and much more. Fast and factual.


Accurate forecast

Machine learning applications are widely used in other sectors, as they are faster and more reliable than human forecasts. Fresh4cast has more experience than any other company in developing machine learning solutions for growers and distributors of fresh produce. If you'd like to improve your yield, pack line or sales forecast, do get in touch.

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Accurate crop forecasting is key in our business. We heard about Fresh4cast and invited them for a discussion. The solution they offered was clear, easy to use and easy to implement. They really listen to our needs, and understand the business drivers. Plus, we were impressed by their responsiveness. When our MD asked for a new type of visualisation, Fresh4cast produced something that exceeded expectations, the next day. Richard Hardyman, People and IT Manager Hall Hunter Partnership, UK
We contracted Fresh4cast to build a crop forecasting solution to assist one of our core business processes. In a short time, they were able to distil a complex challenge into an elegant and easy to use tool. What I like about their team is the unique combination of skills. They can build excellent software, and at the same time they understand the drivers of a grower-owned fresh produce group. James Judge, IT Manager Berry Gardens, UK
Fresh4cast started working for us in February 2014. From the beginning we've been impressed by the elegance and effectiveness of their software. Today we use several modules in various parts of the business. My favourite thing is the level of customer support. They really make an effort to understand how they can help the business, and then they come back with solutions that exceed our expectations. Tjeerd Hoekstra, Commercial Manager Total Produce, The Netherlands

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Feb 2018

January Banana exports from Brazil up 4x vs last year (5,444 tonnes vs 1,368 in Jan'17), recovering after the sudden drop in 2017. Main destinations are in South America. The only European market growing is Germany, up 6x but still below the 2016 level.

Time is the most precious thing in the world

That's why Fresh4cast brings together all the relevant data streams, internal and external, into an innovative and simple user interface. It’s why we develop prediction models and deliver automated forecasts for your business-critical processes. And always strive to offer exceptional customer support. That's what we call full-service business intelligence.


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Mihai Ciobanu - CEO, fresh4cast.com