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Data pipelines

Data pipelines

An ERP connection provides fast access to data to all users who need it. Different internal teams can be configured with access to different data streams. Connectors for different files such as retailer programmes, off-shelf sales, procurement plans, supply forecasts, anything else that is needed for each decision. Saga, our email assistant, can effectively become part of the team, improving collaboration and automating repetitive tasks. Fast business intelligence tools make it possible to analyse large datasets quickly.

Forecast models

Forecast models

Select from our generic models, bring your own, or let our team build a bespoke predictor just for you using your historical data. From long-term demand to daily orders by depot or harvest labour requirements by field, forecast models can cover any business process in your supply chain. Configurable long-term weather scenarios. Generate material requirements from the demand forecast.

Planning tool

Planning tool

Use different data streams, forecasts and constraints in order to optimise the commercial outcome. Modify tens of thousands of lines in less than a second with specialised bulk transforms. Let each planner work in a protected session until they are ready to commit their changes. Chain planning instruments together, so that the output of one instrument can cascade automatically as an input of another, or even add approval gates.


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Time is the most precious thing in the world

That's why Fresh4cast brings together all the relevant data streams, internal and external, into an innovative and simple user interface. It’s why we develop prediction models and planning tools designed around your business-critical processes. And that's why these tools work at exceptional speed, allowing our customers to do in seconds what used to take minutes. Enabling them to make decisions that result in measurable reduction in supply chain shocks. Last but not least, out of respect for your time we always strive to offer exceptional customer support.


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