Data platform and tools for fresh produce

Fresh4cast's modular cloud software solution is designed for efficiency and ease of use. Our platform is a game-changer in decision-making, offering a robust and secure environment that integrates seamlessly with your existing systems. No need for complex installations or disruptions to your workflow.

1 - Data workflow

Integrated data management

Combines data integration with advanced ETL capabilities, ensuring connectivity to databases, data warehouses, or lakes. Supports efficient data extraction, transformation, and loading with versioning and mapping.

Secure cloud-based data storage

Utilizes a cloud data repository for secure and reliable storage, enabling customized data extraction and preparation tailored for diverse downstream applications.

ITS - Data Access and Control

Implements the ITS (Integrity, Traceability, Speed) framework in the data access layer, offering full version control, detailed change tracking, and options for backup restoration to ensure data integrity.

Automated file management and reporting

Features the Mailman system for streamlined file transactions, including automatic file reception, sending, and validation. Provides reporting capabilities in Excel and PowerPoint.

2 - Business intelligence

Descriptive and diagnostic analytics

Descriptive and diagnostic analytics 

Offers descriptive and diagnostic analytics to understand business events, their causes, and impacts. Includes specialised modules for demand and sales, promotions, stock and supply.

Forecast accuracy under control

Forecast accuracy under control 

Utilizes cutting-edge analytics to measure and improve forecast precision. Features benchmarking tools for performance comparison, essential for informed decision-making and accuracy improvement.

Cloud-based engine

Cloud-based engine

Fueled by a rapid cloud engine for accelerated data analysis. Equipped with dynamic features such as powerful filtering capabilities and email alerts, providing essential and timely business insights.

Integrated weather service

Integrated weather service 

Provides detailed weather tracking for any location, including hourly data and long-term forecasts. Incorporates agronomic indicators like Growing Degree Hours (GDH) and weather scenario analysis.

3 - Forecasting models

Demand forecasting 

  • Utilizes a mix of models including machine learning solution for forecasting.

  • Selects the most effective forecasting model tailored for each client and SKU.

  • Adjusts forecasts to account for promotional impact, product cannibalization, and halo effects.

  • Manages and interprets seasonal trends and evolving client behaviors.

Demand sensing 

  • Leverages long-term data to predict short-term demand shifts.

  • Quickly interprets rapid changes in demand.

  • Incorporates daily trading patterns of clients.

  • Adjusts for the introduction of new products and the phasing out of old ones.

  • Learns from past errors to reduce forecasting bias.

Crop Live4cast

  • Adapts long-term plans by sensing and fine-tuning forecasts at weekly and daily levels.

  • Responsive to swift productivity changes, weather impacts, and season onset/ending shifts.

  • Utilizes planting data, crop season plans, actuals and weather data.

  • Comes equipped with over two years of historical weather data and a 7-day global forecast.

Crop Sim4cast

  • Predicts flower and fruit stage evolution over a full season with its simulation engine.

  • Effective for tracking seasonal patterns and medium to long-term trends.

  • Relies on planting and weather scenarios, making it applicable to any future year.

  • Features a configurable 52-week weather scenario for seasonal forecasting.

4 - Planning tools



• Consolidate data from collogues, teams and commercial partners, ensuring comprehensive visibility
• Stay up-to-date with immediate access to the latest data versions. 
• Easy to choose the most credible information for each decision.



• Modify as and when required, with easy to use bulk transforms
• Slice the data any way needed for each change.
• Highly efficient, can do in seconds operations that would take minutes in an ERP software 



• Connect planning processes between teams and even with external partners.
• Remove friction at every information exchange using automated data conversion. 



• Every planning instrument is an approval gate.
• Full traceability and individual authorization levels.
• Configurable reports allow everyone to use their own template, while institutional knowledge is centralized. 

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