Our solutions are designed for fresh produce from the ground up

Demand forecasting and planning

Demand forecasting and planning

Reduce overproduction caused by uncertain demand, streamline resource allocation, and cut waste. Advanced forecast models for long and short term improve accuracy and facilitate scenario planning.

Optimize demand and supply

Optimize demand and supply

Integrate supply and demand to manage supply shocks and lower risk. Maximise the opportunity in each period by configuring the pre-allocation algorithm with your ingredient approval matrix and business priorities.

Supply planning and farm coordination

Supply planning and farm coordination

Automatically translate demand updates into material requirements, even for complex BOMs. Compare with the latest farm availability estimates in a central control tower.


Automated connections with your key data sources: ERP, other software, Excel files, even email attachments.
Each connection with its own data governance policy.

Different teams need to plan at different levels of detail and time horizons.
Upscaling algorithms streamline the connections, e.g. auto-split weekly to daily, from product group to SKU-level detail etc.

Forecast value-added approach
Specialised analysis and KPIs to measure accuracy risk and impact
Time and gate versioning for full traceability 

Once a decision is made, the revised data is automatically prepared for integration into existing systems like ERP, other software, and Excel.
The virtual email assistant can also update key users and send attachments where needed.

Forecast manipulation and revision tools,
Bulk data transforms specific to fresh produce,
Reviews at different levels of detail (roll-up and drill-down),
Tap into your team’s insights by removing mechanical work and letting them manage by exception. 

Forecasting models' outputs are presented alongside relevant benchmarks at the revision stage:
external plans, past versions, etc, as well as adjacent datasets like assortment, promotions and planting data.

Business model

For more than a decade, we’ve been serving companies in the fresh produce sector with the same values: pursuit of valuable innovation, respect for customers, and attention to costs.

Simple company-level subscription

Aligns our interest with yours. Annual budget reflects ongoing subs and new development. Unlimited users.

Low total cost of ownership (TCO) 

No hidden or per-user fees. Automation reduces workload. No third-party licenses are required. Low set-up fees, flexibility in connecting with current processes, and easy implementation.

Low Risk 

No long-term commitment/lock-in. Subscription as win-win relationship, easy data access and export, platform/ERP agnostic


Data stored in secure environment, never shared or amalgamated. Regular software upgrades and security reviews. ITS data access layer provides Integrity, Traceability and Speed.

Customer success

Fast customer support, project management and training included

Shared technology roadmap

New products are designed, developed and improved with and for the end user, boosting adoption and customer value