Enhance fresh produce demand-supply balance

Minimize spoilage and maintain quality in line with your Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Mitigate risks across your supply chain and stay informed with the latest updates from suppliers and customers. Efficiently manage potential shortages and surpluses to minimize their impact on your business

Enhance fresh produce demand-supply balance

Leverage the potential of machine learning and unified consensus planning

Employ advanced tools that support critical decisions, aligning supply and demand perspectives. 

Consider inventory forecasts, demand fulfillment, potential shortages, and product expiry timelines. Our solution bridges gaps between various team plans, across different timeframes and detail levels, ensuring cohesive strategy execution.


frequency in planning cycles with less effort


less daily error in short term demand forecasting 


faster BOM algorithm to match supply with demand

Leverage the potential of machine learning and unified consensus planning Leverage the potential of machine learning and unified consensus planning


Centralized data hub

Centralized data hub

All your demand, stock, and supply information are consolidated in one easy-to-use tool. This centralization simplifies decision-making and enhances the effectiveness of your planning strategies.

Data harmony

Easily compare data across different time frames and product details. Our tool automatically aligns diverse data sets, from monthly to daily, product to SKU, making planning straightforward and efficient.

Consistent product and service

With our intuitive planning tools, ensure timely stock replenishment and availability coordination. This results in consistent delivery of high-quality produce and increasing customer satisfaction.

Availability and inventory live impact

Instantly see how your supply and demand choices affect your inventory levels. This foresight lets you address potential issues well in advance, keeping your operations smooth and reliable.


Data pipelines

  • Secure, traceable, and rapid data handling with comprehensive version control.

  • Email attachment ingestion and validations for efficient data management.

  • Multiple data connectors from Excel files to ERP links.

  • Easy customization of reports in formats like Excel and PowerPoint.

Integrated planning tool

  • Works with existing forecasting and demand tools for integration.

  • Capable of extensive data transformations for flexible, multi-level planning.

  • Manages complex product portfolios, seasonal and activity-based variations.

  • Generates tailored planning outputs to meet diverse stakeholder requirements.

Stock allocation & projection algorithms

  • Assess the effects of demand and procurement plan changes on inventory levels.

  • Inventory shortages and surpluses highlighted for quick resolution.

  • Incorporates product expiration dates into intelligent stock allocation.

  • Efficiently automates stock distribution to clients and depots.

Automation algorithms

  • Automatically splits signals into the right level from products to SKUs or customer to depot.

  • Adapts time frames in plans from yearly to monthly, weekly and daily as needed.

  • Adds and manages prices in your plans for accurate turnover calculations.

  • Filters out anomalies to ensure smoother and reliable planning.

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