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Give yourself a commercial advantage with instant access to insights.


Unified view

Your decisions require data from multiple sources. Compare sales against retailer programs, production against forecast, or rank sales managers by profit contribution. Fresh4cast automatically integrates and matches data from all the relevant sources.


Add context

Easily add standardised external information to your management tools. Stay on top of global trends. Benchmark your performance against the market, in the metrics you choose. Evaluate potential business partners and trading opportunities.


Peer into the future

Use our predictive models to help with your planning. Forecast production over different time horizons. Plan workforce, packing and storage capacity. Our tools use the correlations found in your own historical data to simulate realistic scenarios.

We contracted Fresh4cast to build a hybrid solution for one of our core business processes. In a short time, they were able to distil a complex challenge into an elegant and easy to use tool. What I like about their team is the unique combination of skills. They can build excellent software, and at the same time they understand the drivers of a grower-owned fresh produce group. James Judge, IT Manager Berry Gardens, UK
Fresh4cast started working for us in February 2014. From the beginning we've been impressed by the elegance and effectiveness of their software. Today we use several modules in various parts of the business. My favourite thing is the level of customer support. They really make an effort to understand how they can help the business, and then they come back with solutions that exceed our expectations. Tjeerd Hoekstra, Commercial Manager Total Produce, The Netherlands

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Sep 2016

Chile exports 31,868 tonnes of Grapes in the first two weeks of January, compared to 50,897 for the full month of January 2016.

Time is the most precious thing in the world

That's why Fresh4cast brings together all the relevant data streams, internal and external, into an innovative and simple user interface. It's why we build, maintain and upgrade these tools for you, under the supervision of your IT. And always strive to offer exceptional customer support. That's what we call full-service business intelligence. Would you like to know more? Let's schedule a call.

Mihai Ciobanu - CEO,